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Young Illinois Saves
Young America Saves

The Young Illinois Saves movement is a collaborative, community-based effort to get teens and young adults saving in the State of Illinois. The movement is part of a nationwide campaign, Young America Saves, sponsored by The Consumer Federation of America.  The goal of the movement is to change the spending culture of teens and young adults by getting them to create their own savings plan and commit to monthly savings goals.  The Young Illinois Saves campaign is led by a coalition of over 30 government, education, non-profit, and business partners, including the U of I Center for Economic and Financial Education.  The coalition is committed to increasing savings and financial literacy for teens and young adults throughout Illinois.   

To learn how you can join the Young Illinois Saves movement or arrange to have a campaign at your school or youth location, click here

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Get Financially Fit!
A Financial Education Series for College Students

This three-part brochure series highlights valuable information that every college student needs to know about financial management.  The brochures provide students with tips on how they can get started with their financial fitness plan.  Using this series, students can take charge of their financial future with a Warm-Up, a Work-Out, and Weigh-In with topics such as spending, using credit, saving money and avoiding identity theft.  The brochures also provide students with links to helpful websites that will enhance their overall financial fitness plan. 

The student brochures can be downloaded here: