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401k Calculator

This 401k savings calculator can help you to figure out how large your 401k plan might be at retirement.  The calculator will predict the 401k fund balance at retirement age along with the annual income you might expect from this type of account.

    Your Current Age (Years)    
    Expected Retirement Age (Years)    
    Life Expectancy (Years)    
    Your Current Salary ($ / Year)    
    Current Amount in 401k Fund ($)    
    Annual Contribution to 401k (% of Salary)    
    Employer Match (% of Contribution)    
    Employer Maximum (% of Salary)    
    Expected Annual Return on 401k Fund (%)    
    Calculator Results:      
    401k Fund Growth Over Time ($)    
    401k Fund Balance at Retirement ($)    
    Annual Income from 401k ($ / Year)