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About JCE

The Illinois Consumer Education Association (ICEA), the first state consumer education association nationwide, was organized in 1973 to expand consumer education and foster professional growth in the teaching of consumer education at all levels. The Journal of Consumer Education (JCE) began in 1983 and is one of two official publications of ICEA.

JCE is a refereed academic journal that promotes research “dedicated to the advancement of consumer education for all members of society.”  The purpose of JCE is to facilitate communication among researchers, consumer educators, and practitioners. JCE publishes original applied research papers and other manuscripts related to consumer and financial education such as conceptual and theoretical essays, position papers, reports of innovative educational practices, and literature reviews.

Papers published in JCE have strong implications for consumer educators and financial practitioners and offer practical insight into how consumer research can be used to improve the teaching of consumer and financial education. Published papers also have direct implications for public policy, especially as it relates to major economic and financial challenges facing consumers.