Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Consumer Education (JCE) is a refereed academic journal that is published on an annual basis. Researchers are encouraged to submit papers on a wide range of topics related to consumer and financial education. Each paper should include a discussion on the implications of the research for consumer educators and financial professionals. If applicable, authors are also encouraged to discuss the implications of their research for public policy.

  • All manuscripts submitted to JCE are double-blind reviewed by members of the editorial board and ad hoc referees selected by the editor(s). The editor(s) have final publication approval.
  • The deadline for submissions this year is Monday, February 1, 2016. Papers will then be sent out for review. Authors can expect to receive a decision letter from the editor(s) in mid summer.
  • Acceptance of a manuscript for JCE publication gives the Illinois Consumer Education Association (ICEA), in partnership with the University of Illinois, the right to publish and copyright the material.

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For more information about submissions, please contact the editor(s):

Dr. Helen Roberts
Phone: (312) 355-0378
E-mail: hroberts@uic.edu 

Dr. Maude Toussaint-Comeau
Phone: (312) 322-8443
E-mail: maude.toussaint@chi.frb.org