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The U of I Center for Economic and Financial Education is dedicated to improving the economic and financial well-being of consumers and their families. The Center provides the latest in educational resources, evaluation tools, and cutting-edge research. It also offers comprehensive training and support to financial education providers. Learn more...

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Angela Lyons photoCEFE Research
Will the next economic bust be caused by student loans?

With the U.S. economy still shaky from the collapse of the subprime mortgage industry, financial experts are warning of a similar economic threat in the student loan industry, due to spiraling debt and rising default and delinquency rates. Angela Lyons, a professor in the department of agricultural and consumer economics and director of the Center for Economic and Financial Education, is an expert in household finance, credit access and bankruptcy. Lyons, who is involved in several national and international projects related to consumer economics, spoke recently with U of I News Bureau writer Sharita Forrest. More...

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October 4, 2013

TRAINING CONFERENCE: Learning, Earning & Investing for a New Generation
The conference will showcase the exciting new curriculum LEIG and its companion website Gen i Revolution. Guest speakers from industry, education, and government will present the latest educational technologies and platforms for teaching students and clients how to save and build wealth. Register today!



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