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2009 Online Professional Development Trainings – ‘Virtual Economics’ and ‘Capstone: Exemplary Lessons for High School Economics’

Date: October 25 – December 31, 2009
Registration: To register, visit and enter our Center’s Registration Code:  0FCC129F56017DA5
Course Credits: 4 CPDUs for completion of Capstone and 1 CPDU for completion of Virtual Economics.  These credits are based on the minimum amount of time required to complete each course (4 hours for Capstone and 1 hour for Virtual Economics).

For more information about the online trainings , contact Dr. Angela Lyons (217-244-2612;


Sign up today for FREE virtual seats to our new online professional development trainings for ‘Virtual Economics’ and ‘Capstone: Exemplary Lessons for High School Economics.’ Upon completion of the online modules, you will receive a FREE copy of the curriculum and a certificate of completion. Courses need to be completed by December 31st. There are a limited number of online seats so register as soon as possible. Once the seats are filled, the training and materials will cost $150 each. 

These online trainings are made possible through a generous grant from the Council for Economic Education and State Farm and McGraw-Hill.