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Financial Fitness for Life Training Conference - Becoming A Smart Money Manager

Date: Friday, April 27, 2007 (10am - 4pm)
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Where: McLean County Extension Office, Bloomington, IL
Fee: No charge. Registration required.
Contact: Dr. Angela Lyons (217-244-2612;


This interactive training conference focuses on Financial Fitness for Life lessons related to teaching young adults about how to make smart money management decisions. Specific topics include: setting financial goals, creating spending plans, saving and investing, managing credit, credit reports and credit scores, dealing with credit problems, credit repair scams, and protecting your credit. All participants receive the Financial Fitness for Life curriculum materials (teacher guide, student workbook, parents guide, CD-ROM, and web links). Participants also receive the newest release of the NEFE® High School Financial Planning Program. This six-unit program provides students with a greater understanding of and ability to manage their personal finances in the areas of goal setting, budgeting, and saving. Both curricula provide instructors with numerous games, websites, simulations and other activities to take back to the classroom. Participants also are introduced to PowerPay, an online budgeting tool that helps young adults understand how to reduce debt and increase savings. The conference concludes with a guest speaker from the consumer credit counseling industry who discusses what happens when individuals mismanage their finances.

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